USA Triangle


Name: Pacific '97
Issued by: United States of America

Type: commemorative

Year: 1997

Sides: 3

Currency: United States Dollar (USD)

Pacific 1997 Stamp Show

To commemorate the Pacific '97 Stamp Show in San Fransisco California, the USA issued a triangular pair — ~30 years after Rattlesnake Island Local Post issued it's first triangle stamp! The red stamp features a US mail stage coach topped with nine passengers; on the blue stamp a clipper ship is sailing by a cliff, on which there is a building flying the flag of the USA.

The Ship

The image on the blue stamp is based on a flyer for the ship Richard S. Ely.

The flyer which the design of the clipper stamp comes from

Image from Online Archive of California


One of the Pacific '97 Stamp Show commemoratives, featuring a clipper ship sailing by a cliff.

Image from Colnect

The other Pacific '97 Stamp Show commemoratives, featuring a stage coach.

Image from Colnect