New Zealand Circle


Name: Round Kiwi
Issued by: New Zealand

Type: Definitive

Year: 1988-2018

Sides: 1

Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

What's on the stamp

New Zealand is known for it's kiwis: they are flightless, endemic birds roughly the size of a chicken. They are from the genus Apteryx, and there are five species. The species featured on the first eight issues is the brown kiwi, A. mantelli.

A male brown kiwi

Image from Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust on Wikimedia Commons

Kiwi range map

Image from Grutness on Wikimedia Commons

About the stamp

1988 The first issue

The first round kiwi stamp, known as the green round kiwi, was issued on 19 October 1988. It was New Zealand's first round stamp. On the booklet, which contained six stamps, there was a short description:

The stamps in this booklet were printed by the Intaglio Process.

The printing plate was engraved in Canada and the stamps were produced by Leigh-Mardon Ply. Limited, Melbourne.

This is the first Intaglio stamp produced by Leigh-Mardon and the first engraved stamp issued by New Zealand Post Limited.

This was followed by eight issues. Some notable ones are below.

1999 The Last Sunset

This issue was released to commemorate the last day of the 20th century. Like the previous 1997 issue, it was printed in purple. Golden suns feature in the selvage. The 'last day cover' featured a sunset and the time it occured in New Zealand Standard Time.

The Last Sunset last day cover

Image from Stamps NZ

2011 Round Kiwi

The 2011 Round Kiwi also includes designs on the selvage – small gray ferns.

2018 Round Kiwi

This is the only issue to have different species of kiwi. They are not engraved, and have a different composition in the border.


1988 Green Round Kiwi

Image from Colnect

1991 Red Round Kiwi

Image from Colnect

1993 Blue Round Kiwi

Image from Colnect

1997 Purple Round Kiwi

Image from Colnect

1999 The Last Sunset

Image from Colnect

2000 Golden Kiwi

Image from Colnect

2002 Bronze Round Kiwi

Image from Colnect

2011 Round Kiwi

Image from Colnect

2018 Round Kiwi

Image from NZPost