Iceland Trapezoid


Name: 2010 Shanghai World Expo Iceland Pavilion
Issued by: Iceland

Type: Commemorative

Year: 2010

Sides: 4

Currency: Icelandic Króna (ISK)

Expo 2010 Shanghai China

The Expo 2010 Shanghai China, unofficially Expo 2010, was held from 1 May to 31 October 2010 on 5.8 square kilometres of the banks of Huangpu River. There were 246 participants, 73000000 visitors and 22900 events.

Logo of the Expo 2010, based on the Mandarin character 世 and 2010

Maskot of the Expo 2010, based on the Mandarin character 人 meaning 'people'

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Iceland Pavilion

The Iceland Pavilion is the image depicted on the stamp. From the outside, it is intended to look like an icecube. Inside, there is a room with screens on every wall. Videos of Iceland are displayed on the screens (see below YouTube video).

The Iceland Pavilion

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The minisheet

The stamp

The stamp, sold in minisheet form only, is trapezoid shaped to create an optical illusion. It is denominated 130 Icelandic Króna.


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